About Us

Our Law Offices employ young and dynamic, but at the same time experienced lawyers rendering highest quality legal services to entrepreneurs. Our lawyers are business oriented; understand the needs and challenges facing entrepreneurs.

We operate in the Warsaw urban area and in Łódź.

We provide services mainly to business entities, but our services are available in specific cases also to individuals.

Our mission and our vision:

Our mission is to provide highest quality legal services to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Warsaw urban area and in Łódź.

We believe that effective cooperation with any client requires in-depth acquainting with their needs, problems encountered in doing business, as well as understanding of the mechanisms they are guided by in their businesses. We believe that proximity of the lawyer to clients is necessary, because only then will legal assistance duly take into consideration the specific nature of clients’ business activities.

We approach each client individually. Legal assistance cannot be provided in a “mechanical” manner, detached from situational context and deprived of understanding the specific features of our clients’ businesses.

We believe that relationship between the lawyer and the client has to be based on confidence and understanding, because it is the only way of solving ad hoc problems, preventing their occurrence in the future and participating in the creation and growth of their businesses.

We are at our client’s disposal always when needed. We are aware that time is crucial in making business decisions, so we remain in regular communication with clients to ensure rapid response to any query raised.

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