For individual clients

Our offer also includes individual clients in cases associated with civil law, family law, labor law and administrative/tax law.

Our experience covers:

  • claims of land owners against enterprises operating transmission grids (power lines, pipelines, etc.) on title of using the real property by such enterprises (transmission easements),
  • clams of consumers against travel offices in result of non-performance or improper performance of agreements on rendering tourist services,
  • employee claims against employers on title of employment (appeals from redundancies, work during extra-hours, special working conditions, mobbing),
  • representing clients before tax authorities. 

Contacts with individual clients are offered by our offices also through e-mail to enable rapid reaction and lower costs incurred by clients. Please use the form provided below to describe the problem, which in your opinion requires solving by a professional lawyer. We shall contact you forthwith after sending the query to agree the price and deadline for performing our services.


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